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Hotels are typically a big part of the travel budget, if not the biggest. It is your home away from home where you sleep, eat, and play (most times) while away.

Whether it’s a much-needed getaway, family get-together, or a business trip, carefully choosing the right hotel can make all the difference between an ok trip and an amazing one.

That is why Hotels Curated was born, to provide you with painless travel experiences by offering one place where you can find unbiased hotel recommendations, transparent prices, and a great user-experience.

Our Story

We are hospitality, travel, technology, and design experts combining our skills and our love for travel to create meaningful experiences.

The vision for HotelsCurated first originated when Brazilian-American travel & hospitality experts, Breno & Camila, wanted to make it easier for travelers to experience many of the beautiful destinations in the Americas (North, Central, & South).

The goal was to create a platform that would offer professional recommendations such as the ones you would typically receive from a travel advisor but with the great deals and easy booking process you would usually find on an online hotel booking platform.


On a mission to turn the vision into reality, Breno and Camila met Ligia, a fellow Brazilian-American and U/X design expert. It was the perfect match. Ligia joined the journey to successfully translate the vision into a brand and help create a platform that would make finding and booking hotels in the Americas easier than ever.


As a team, we believe in quality over quantity and we take a curious, unbiased, and customer-centric approach to provide the best experience possible.

Camila Santos co-founder of Hotels Curated

Camila Santos

Co-Founder &

Chief Experience Officer

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Breno Santos co-founder of Hotels Curated

Breno Santos

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

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Ligia Koproski co-founder of Hotels Curated

Ligia Koproski

Co-Founder &

Chief Creative Officer

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