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Covid-19 hotel booking guide

Whether you have travel booked or are considering future travel, it can be overwhelming knowing what to do as policies and restrictions are rapidly changing by the minute. We’ve created a guide to help you and your loved ones make the right decision when booking a hotel during this time.

1) Check Travel Restrictions & bans:

The first step in planning any travel, domestically or abroad, is to check for travel advisories and bans for your intended destination as travel conditions can change rapidly. We recommend this link for official government travel advisories.

2) Select Smaller & Transparent hotels

It is best to opt for a more manageable place to stay such as boutique hotels and avoid big hotels with hundreds of people which can be difficult to maintain a clean and safe environment.

3) Look for Flexible Cancelation Policies:

Due to the rapidly changing travel conditions, hotels have had to update their cancellation policies, removing fees, and offering more flexibility for changes and refunds. We strongly recommend reading the hotel’s cancellation policy when booking.

4) Review new Cleanliness & Hygiene practices:

To ensure complete cleanliness and the highest standards of hygiene, hotels are implementing new cleaning and care measures to protect guests as best as possible.

5) Call the hotel property directly for questions:

As always, when booking be sure to contact the hotel directly for questions about the policy, updates, and changes.

At HotelsCurated, your best interest is at the heart of every hotel selection we make. More than ever we understand the importance of choosing the right accommodation during this time, so we are doing our best to vet and expertly handpick hotels that are authentic, transparent, and truly care about your experience and well-being during this time. 


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