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Content Creation Program

Content Creation Program

The key to our free program is to help your property stand out with our niche audience and gain new bookings. We create quality engaging photo and video content that highlights all of the unique experiences that make your hotel one-of-a-kind, including an insider view of the guest's journey from the check-in to the check-out process.

Content Creation Program

Your content gets distributed through our multiple

marketing channels

Social Media

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How can the program help?

Content Creation Program

• Alleviate some of the marketing cost during the pandemic

• Boost your brand awareness with HotelsCurated niche audience 

• Help you continue to adapt to new customer behaviors

• Work with industry experts to creatively engage with your target market


Content Creation Program


How does it work?

Please select the amenities/ services you would like for us to shoot

The following is required to participate:

1. Two (2) comped nights stay at the hotel
2. Tour of the property  
3. Access to all amenities and experiences

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