Our Vetting Process

Your best interest is at the heart of every hotel selection we make

Every Detail Matters. 

We vet and look for;


Offers a fulfilling experience rather than just a night, leaving guests with a lasting positive experience.


Conveniently located, in safe locations, and in the best neighborhoods. From charming neighborhoods to the "hot-spots".


Must-have amenities such as high-quality bed linens and luxurious toiletries but also look for the extras such as onsite restaurants, spas, and fast complimentary WIFI.


Hospitable and professional staff, providing reliable service from the check-in to the check-out process.


High sanitation and hygiene standards are a must, we assess the property's cleanliness measures and appearance, from the lobby to the guestroom and everything in between.

Design & Décor:

Uniquely designed to offer a welcoming, personal, and intimate spaces that would make you actually want to spend time inside. From modern architecture to custom furniture and comfortable beds


Rates that match the experience being offered, accounting for the location of the property, star ratings, amenities, level of service, and competitor rates.


A transparent and above-average online reputation with positive guest satisfaction and feedback


carefully picked to perfection

We live today in a world of options, and deciphering the good from the bad can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when booking a hotel. Which hotel site can you trust? Which hotel offers the best value out of the 300 options?

You shouldn’t have to check-in to a hotel to find out if you’ve made a good decision or not. Our hotel curators are hospitality experts with local knowledge and an eye for quality and detail, helping you avoid expensive mistakes by testing the waters so you don’t have to.

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