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Discover where to go, find where to stay, & book the right price

HotelsCurated makes it easy for the modern-day traveler seeking comfort, style, and value to find unique stays at the best price.


Our travel experts handpick must-visit destinations in The Americas, find you worthy hotels, and show you where to book them online for the best rate possible, saving you tons of time and $$.


As a company, we believe traveling should be fun, easy, and comfortable no matter the budget.

Our Story

We are hospitality, travel, technology, and design experts combining our skills and our love for travel to create meaningful experiences.

The human touch and expertise of a travel advisor with the seamless booking experience of an online booking platform.


The vision for HotelsCurated first originated when Brazilian-American travel & hospitality experts, Breno & Camila, wanted to make it easier for travelers to experience many of the beautiful destinations in The Americas (North, Central, & South).


In today’s travel world, deciding on your next destination to visit and booking a hotel can be stressful and time-consuming. The big hotel bookings sites offer you an endless list of properties still leaving you to do the research, other sites recommend properties but leave you to figure where to book it for the right price, and most hotels still use “old-school“ marketing strategies making it difficult for you to find them.


After 20 years in the hospitality & travel industry working with today’s top brands, we decided it was time to innovate and create a meaningful product based on our expertise that makes it easy for travelers to find the right place and the best price with just one search.


Camila Santos

Co-Founder &

Chief Experience Officer

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Mate Vujic

Chief of Operations & Partnerships

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Breno Santos

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

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